Our Doctoral Journey

Data from the Education at a Glance in 2019 states that less than two percent of the United States’ and world’s population holds a doctorate degree. Germane to this fact, the National Center of Education statistics reported that in the 2018-2019 academic year of the doctoral degrees awarded to women, only 10.9 percent were awarded to Black women compared to 63.6 percent awarded to White women.

In the U.S., Black women who are interested in pursuing a doctorate, already in doctoral programs, or in their field of doctoral work are in crucial need of resources, community, and support. For too long, Black women have faced many systemic barriers and various forms of racist exclusion and oppression in educational settings, which has often led to burnout, low sense of belonging, and low retention rates.

Our Doctoral Journey: A collection of Black women’s experiences,” serves as a resource and toolkit for Black women doctors, future doctors, and professionals.